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The team at ERP Resource Base are dedicated to finding the resources you need, not just matching the skills required on paper but also understanding the cultural and environmental situation within your company. Every management team is different, so we take the time to understand the important variables of each scenario and follow-up with our after sales service. In a nutshell, we care about what we do and how we do it.

Doing our homework!

We do the research. We develop a genuine understanding of our client’s business objectives and the niche that needs to be filled. We take the time to find the best IT consultant that will deliver upon your company’s team and/or project objective. Our approach is one that is efficient, reliable, and thorough. It makes sense for us to work this way.

You should expect…

• Established candidate relationships. An ability to effectively reach passive candidates, (potential candidates that are not actively looking).
• Delivery and management of expectations. Understanding exactly what is required to get the job done with minimum disruption.
• Limited variables throughout the recruitment process to ensure all parties are on the same page to a successful hire.
• Attention to the nuances of a given role to ensure best fit.
• For us to work with your terms and conditions.
• Extensive recruitment experience working locally and internationally.
• Full lifecycle support.
• After sales service, including references.
• A single point of contact and accountability.
• A fully audited and insurance backed business.
• A mutually agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA), management information, reporting and accounting.
• A holistic approach to simplify your recruitment process and reduce costs.

Our strong global network and specialisation enables us to deliver quick results.
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Getting a job that is a great fit for your skills and professional goals might seem out of reach after taking on the job market by yourself. However, you don’t have to go it alone. With ERP Resource Base’s information technology job placement services, we handle all of the legwork needed to find a perfect match for you and the employer.

We ensure the candidate full life cycle experience is both responsive and results driven.

We treat you like a person, a professional and not a number. We insist on a personal approach. We ask questions and listen in order to understand your work, career and personal variables.

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