About Us

We are a global provider of ERP information technology consultants with a particular focus on SAP recruitment headquartered in London, UK. We recruit candidates for short term and long term contracts. Our clients are across all industry sectors, with an Emerging specialization in Utilities, Energy and Retail. Our seniors have over 20 years of SAP recruitment expertise with exceptional market knowledge. Relationships are everything.

Our Experience

  • Experience working with market leading companies providing key resources for their most time critical and challenging projects.
  • Having provided SAP and industry focused consultants for a number of years that precisely match our clients’ requirements means that today ERP Resource Base is able to efficiently add value to our clients’ business and recruitment needs.
  • The principles developed from years of specialising in the SAP market have sharpened our ability to focus and deliver on any SAP related IT recruitment requirement.
  • We understand service whilst being results driven.
  • Passionate and dedicated, we take our network very seriously and have forged genuine relationships within our network.

Our Services

    • Consultative IT recruitment with a focus on the SAP market.
    • Utilities, energy and retail recruitment specialisation.
    • Full lifecycle recruitment support.
    • A fully audited and insurance backed business.
    • Cost effective solutions.
    • Global client services.
    • Relationship driven.

Who are our customers? …They are both our Clients and Candidates alike.
Our clients are leading blue chip corporations that utilise SAP.
Our candidates are the top 25% in the market.
Our service is tailor made to our specific customers.
Results are essential, never sacrificing quality of service.

Not only do we promote a single pre-defined solution, we discuss alternate solutions tailored to our clients’ needs and expectations.

We encourage close and interactive relationships with both our clients and our candidates throughout the process. This ensures all of your needs are met and allows us to continuously look at ways to improve our services.

What makes us different

Enterprise resource planning is the foundation of what we do. Our integrated PREnalysis™
(P- Professionalism, R- Relationship, E- experience) quality management methodology built over a number of years, ensures that our clients are matched with the best professionals in the field. This is used in combination with our internal evaluation to better determine and understand who are the top quartile of candidates are in the global market. We conduct SAP recruitment with over 20 years’ experience in-house.

Emerging Specialisation in the SAP utilities, energy and retail sectors.

Everything we do is with dedication and passion.


  • Established candidate relationships.
  • Smooth delivery and management of expectations. Understanding exactly what is required to get the job done with minimum disruption.
  • Our knowledge helps us meet the unique challenges of every project and ensures that all parties are on the same page to a successful hire.
  • We understand the nuances of given roles and work toward a solution that is beneficial and suitable to each individual.