Data Entry Associate_Kickstart Role

  • Ref: 1021
  • Location: London, UK
  • Type: Kickstart Scheme Role
  • Salary: 0
  • Start Date: 20/12/2021

About the job and company:
The role involves: (All the listed job responsibilities will be a part of monitored training, practice, and guidance)
Daily database management and managing various inboxes to ensure the integrity of the database
Mainly reviewing a technical SAP CV and determining what are the person’s key skills, that’s the difficult part, but once mastered then it’s simply skilling the candidate profile accordingly on the database. Skilling involves selecting the skills from a list It’s a very important role as assists in improving our speed to market when recruiting
Posting job adverts using various job boards and social media management
Other aspects of admin tasks will also come into play, such as filing, mail sorting, and general office maintenance.
We are recognized as one of the leading suppliers of ERP information technology consultants across the globe. We specialize within the SAP utilities, energy, and retail sectors.
Our senior team members have experience working with market-leading companies providing key resources for their most time-critical and challenging projects. Our integrated E.R.P. Quality management methodology built over a number of years ensures that our clients are matched with the best professionals in the field. We conduct IT recruitment with over 25 years’ experience in-house. Everything we do is with dedication and passion.!! We are a growing, leading provider of SAP resources across the globe. We work with the top 25% of professionals. We’re not just another recruitment agency, we see ourselves as a business partner to our entire network. We listen to their needs and try to fully match their requirements. ERP Resource Base works very closely with all its clients to ensure we get it right

What are you looking for?
The role requires a sensible, reliable, and patient individual who possesses the correct attitude and intelligence to work diligently.
Quality first, then speed, but both are needed as there are many profiles to add/update. A good attention span and a genuine desire to work autonomously are required.
This is a fixed-term role but could be extended if mutually agreed and could lead to much more work in the future if desired.

What can you offer the applicant?
1. Data Entry Associates will be fully trained on basic skills and the professional skills that will be needed to succeed in the IT recruitment industry ( specifically dealing with SAP Candidates)
2. The job won’t be created otherwise, as in general, our administrative or sales support staff does similar work, however, we want to expand on the role and we will specifically customize it for the purpose of kick start scheme.
3. The company is expanding, so this is the best opportunity for us to carve out new job opportunities for young individuals who aspire to have thriving careers in the future and not only increase their knowledge but also increase chances of employability in the future.
4. They will learn new skills and polish the existing skillset. They will learn how one can sell their skills in the market.
5. Market Knowledge and how to adapt to the current changing scenarios.
6. We as a company endeavor to stick to all the rules and regulations of a kickstartscheme and support the UK government and the workforce like us to employ great talent.
As they will get hands-on training, we believe that they will be given the best of the advice that they will need for career growth. After working at ERP Resource BaseLtd, we are sure they will have greater employability skills and talent.

How to apply: CV & Cover Letter are both mandatory
Phone: 02087720300
Total hours per week: 40.00
Days and hours: Fixed days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – Fixed hours: 08:30 – 17:30
Hourly Pay: National minimum wage
Number of vacancies: 2
Where will this job be based?: On-site at all times
Accessible by public transport? Yes

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